Underbarrow & Bradleyfield Parish Council

Planning Reference: 7/2019/5548  (Full Planning application)


Proposal: Retrospective permission for the demolition of the barn and permission to demolish the existing single storey house extension and rebuild the previous barn to form additional accommodation with a link and adjoining garden room.


Progress: Valid Application


Case Officer: Holly Robinson


Registration Date: 30-Aug-2019


Location: High Greenriggs, Underbarrow, Kendal, LA8 8BB



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Lake District National Park 7/2019/5542 7/2019/5572 7/2019/5629




Planning Reference: 7/2019/5542  (Full Planning application)


Proposal: Change of use from grazing to domestic garden


Progress: Valid Application


Case Officer: Holly Robinson


Registration Date: 28-Aug-2019


Location: Long Howe, Underbarrow, Kendal, LA8 8BB

7/2019/5758 7/2019/5548




Planning Reference: 7/2019/5629  (Full Planning application)


Proposal: Proposed affordable house, associated works including driveway and package treatment plant and demolition of hut.


Progress: Valid Application


Case Officer: Neil Henderson


Registration Date: 27-Sep-2019


Location: Dale View Farm, Underbarrow, KENDAL, LA8 8HQ

Approved with Conditions


Approved with Conditions


Approved with Conditions


Planning Reference: 7/2019/5735  (Listed Building Consent application)


Proposal: The introduction of diagonal bracing to the underside of one pitch of the roof to prevent further leaning of the principal roof structure. The omission of torching to the underside of slates following re-roofing to allow good ventilation to the accommodation for calves below.


Progress: Valid Application


Registration Date: 14-Nov-2019



Planning Reference: 7/2019/5758  (Notification of Intention (Agricultural, Q6g))


Proposal: Roofing over 2 collecting yards


Progress: Application Registered


Registration Date: 26-Nov-2019


Location: Tranthwaite Hall Farm, Underbarrow, Kendal, LA8 8HG

Planning Reference: 7/2019/5572  (Full Planning application)


Proposal: Change of use of land from agricultural to domestic residences. Demolition of existing disused agricultural structures, construction of 3 new dwellings


Progress: Application Registered


Case Officer:


Registration Date: 12-Sep-2019


Location: Dale View Farm, Underbarrow, KENDAL, LA8 8HQ